AIRO is a versatile visual layout display indicator tool that saves your eye from constantly staring at the financial charts. It allows you to save time in monitoring the market for buy/sell opportunities while you go about your life. Full course covering more than 10 strategies included. Ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

About The Developer

Developed by Forex trading expert Nathan, AIRO is an INDICATOR program that continually monitors the marketplace for buy/sell opportunities, sending an ALERT to your phone or computer when an opportunity appears on the AIRO VISUAL LAYOUT that matches your pre-set parameters.


  • Works with multiple markets: FOREX, Crypto, Precious Metals, Indexes, Stocks, Options.

  • Simple to understand & execute strategies.

  • Monitors the markets for potential setups while you live your life.

  • Trade room where you can earn while you learn.

  • Chat room with a very active trading community.

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Nathan Williams
The developer of AIRO, software featuring the innovative BAG indicator program, Nate has also hosted AIRO’s popular LIVE online training. Nate will demonstrate the versatility of the AIRO Indicator, which has applications for trading with multiple financial assets.