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Mike Meh

Auvoria Prime is pleased to respond to the needs of the large and growing trading community in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia with an AiMM Trade Room presented in Slovenian and Croatian by Mike Meh. This comprehensive program will cover the basics of Forex trading, market analysis and training on the most effective use of indicators … Continued

Stefan Nedelkov

With a degree in Electrical Engineering, Stefan might have chosen to pursue a career in manufacturing, but he found his professional niche elsewhere:  Customer Support.  After four years during which he enriched his natural skills in customer service, Stefan was promoted to Director of Support, based on his excellent team-leading and organizational proficiency.  He prides … Continued

Steve Didier

Steve Didier is a seasoned credit professional, author, speaker and nationally recognized credit expert who has personally helped repair credit and coached 1,000’s of people over the last 5 years into the 700 Club and beyond.

Kevin Zoric

Kevin Zoric – Strategy Developer, Trading Educator A 24-year-old making a seven-figure annual income with his own Forex-based hedge fund, Kevin brings his talent for developing trading EAs to Auvoria Prime, beginning with Panther. He also shares his naked chart breakout scalp trading LIVE during NY Sessions. His passion for building wealth while remaining humble … Continued

Matez Skafar

My name is Matt and I am finishing my bachelor degree from Mechatronics. Coming from Slovenia, I trade forex for 4 years now, and since i couldn’t not figure out the price action trading i went into algo trading and make success there. Following the rules if the strategy was always my best side but … Continued

Hans Felix

Hans Felix is an experienced Trader who’s taught hundreds of students across the globe. In his mission to shorten your learning curve with his passionate, patient and clear explanations of the markets, you’ll enjoy watching his live trading sessions and learn from his expertise in sniper entries, Exit strategies, institutional market behaviors and trading Psychology.

Keenan Butler

With the creation and delivery of more than 130 trading videos and live coaching sessions, Keenan is the ideal Educator to head the ZEUS training program. Originally trading only in the New York silver and currency markets, Keenan realized that his trading style that focused on studying market structure was fully adaptable for Forex and … Continued

Joshua Vos

Joshua Vos’ focus, motivation & drive enabled him to solidify the strategy behind ZEUS. He used his enthusiasm & curiosity to find his way to help struggling traders.  Joshua is passionate about second chances, helping young, underprivileged and people without prior access to options to change their financial future. With the intention of condensing learning … Continued

Javier Chacon

As a university student studying programming, Javier developed a passion for data analysis – an interest that led him to try online trading early in 2020.  An avid researcher, he began looking into opportunities with automated trading, a search that led him to Mike Sancho.  Since Mike needed a talented programmer-developer to apply his market … Continued

Mike Sancho

Mike Sancho is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Most Notably the CEO of an Automation Firm that Specializes in Business Management & Consulting Services.  Mike has Built Several Multi-Million Dollar Businesses in Industries that Range all the way from Network Marketing to E-Commerce, Media, Logistics, Real Estate, and more. In addition to his Business Building Success … Continued