Dasan Costandi - Auvoria Prime

Dasan Costandi

With a degree in Robotics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Dasan is no novice when it comes to creating technical wizardry to accomplish tasks.  When his first jobs after college were disappointing R&Rs (research and responsibility) with no control on his end, Dasan looked to day trading to help him achieve his financial goals.  In 2017 he began trading in the Forex market but found the available EA software lacking. He began “back-testing” his own trading strategies against market results and found them to be “right on the money.”  He then presented his ideas to Tyler Mackechnie, who enthusiastically embraced Dasan’s concept.  Three years later – following many, many versions and multiple testing regimens — VeriBull, the fully automated, completely autonomous software Dasan envisioned was ready for the AP Marketplace. 

Dasan owns a software company where he and his employees work on developing a variety of products to assist traders, including indicators, trade managers and autonomous software for the Forex, crypto and commodities markets. Noting that he has invested a large amount of his personal income in VeriBull, Dasan says he is confident that he and other traders can depend on this product to automate their trading successfully “for years and years.”