Eva Ragona - Auvoria Prime

Eva Ragona

With an educational background in Office Information Administrator with focused courses in Psychology, Income Tax, Human Resources & Law. Majority of Eva’s career has been in the accounting field. I’ve held positions in credit management, import/export tariff and tax requirements, customs law adherence and bookkeeping. Eva also has experience as a logistics investigator within the accounting department. With that investigative and numbers background, Eva decided to opt for early retirement and focus solely on being a full time trader.

Eva’s experience in the markets began about 3 years ago as she began to analyze the equities market. After taking some educational courses, she began to expand her market experience by moving into the Forex space. Through that experience she met AL and Brian back in 2019, and you can say the rest is history.



Strategies: Scalping / Day trading Indices, Forex, and Gold

Unique Highlights: Brings an incredible female perspective on trading, and she definitely helps keep the guys in line. Stylistically, Eva brings a different mix of technical analysis and trading strategies.