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Matez Skafar

My name is Matt and I am finishing my bachelor degree from Mechatronics. Coming from Slovenia, I trade forex for 4 years now, and since i couldn’t not figure out the price action trading i went into algo trading and make success there. Following the rules if the strategy was always my best side but since i did not want to spend my whole time at charts i started coding my strategies and got good at it. I met Kevin and introduced me to his trading strategies and from then on we are in a great partnership. 

His Bachelors degree in Mechatronics and four years’ trading experience gave Matt the foundation for a successful career in algo trading.  But spending so much time studying charts led him to try coding his own strategies, which turned out to be a talent he developed quickly and successfully. He and Kevin have found their individual strategies are an ideal combo for the innovative EA Panther.