Susan Bachelder - Auvoria Prime

Susan Bachelder

Susan Bachelder’s unique flare for reaching & resonating with the ideal audience through her humanized digital marketing has helped to rapidly scale countless companies over the last decade. Her highly sought after coaching has empowered hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs to breakthrough their plateaus and overcome internal obstacles.

As VP of Global Marketing, Susan conveys the value of Auvoria Prime’s unique product offerings in a way that quickly builds trust and connection. Her dedicated focus on customer experience is helping to cultivate and nurture a thriving community of lifelong loyal customers. 

With over 5 years of trading experience, she has perfected her own unique, lucrative trading strategies and has an unmatched intuitive understanding of trading software’s.

From an early age, Susan’s entrepreneurial streak always shined through. To this day she demonstrates persistence and commitment to excellence in everything she commits to.