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Here is what you will learn:
  • How to utilize extraordinary vision to build wealth.

  • How to help you to spot prized opportunities.

  • How to track to excel as a day trader in Forex,
    Futures, Indices, Gold and/or Cryptos.

Whether you are new to the trading game or an Intermediate or Advanced trader, HAWKEYE can help you to develop and utilize extraordinary vision to build wealth in your markets of choice, using whatever tools you prefer! Just like its namesake avian hunter, Auvoria Prime’s HAWKEYE can help you to spot and snare the most prized treasures from afar. MULTIPLE education opportunities every week put you on track to excel as a day trader in Forex, futures, indices, gold and/or cryptos, so you can make the most of each of your investments.

Meet the Educators

Nate Williams and his team of seasoned Experts, simplify trading in the often complex markets of Forex, Options, Indices and Crypto by using the user-friendly and popular AIRO INDICATOR suite of tools as well as live interactive training on multiple channels.

Benefits of being a part of the HAWKEYE Community

  • Education

    We are always learning! Whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner, you can definitely learn something new from the experiences of others.

  • Accountability

    In an active trading community you will become more responsible for more than just losses or wins. Traders become more disciplined and analytical in trading.

  • More Quality Opportunities

    Our community working together becomes much more effective and efficient.

  • Keep Emotions In Check

    Our community provides the opportunity to remove emotion/biases potentially protecting from extended losses.

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Nathan Williams
The developer of AIRO, software featuring the innovative BAG indicator program, Nate has also hosted AIRO’s popular LIVE online training. Nate will demonstrate the versatility of the AIRO Indicator, which has applications for trading with multiple financial assets.
Donta Lewis
At 23, Donta broke out of a rocky past when he discovered Forex trading and network marketing, starting the iMPACT community where he became a 6-figure trader & networker in 2 years. With two other 6-figure earners now in iMPACT, Donta’s goal is to help 100 more to create million-dollar incomes.
Jackie Pineda
With a background in software testing and experience in AIRO beta testing, Jackie likes to apply her “learn, absorb and make strategies work” approach to trading. She has a down-to-earth training style that puts often complex concepts into layman’s terms.
Jason Stewart
Beginners, intermediate and advanced traders benefit from TWO sessions weekly with this unique, unconventional approach that can make the market work for greater returns. Each Sunday Jason shares his strategy for that week’s top-down analysis designed to catch larger moves, to trade structure and maintain his orders using sub fibs. On Wednesday, he reviews this strategy, always looking for tight stops and great risk-to-reward ratios. Throughout, Jason employs a “video game” attitude that helps traders use a cleaner approach to the market that facilitates their transition to a more lucrative swing style trading.
Temilade Shonibare
As inflation continues to increase worldwide, there is no better time to look into alternative investments like cryptocurrency. However, with thousands of cryptos in the cryptocurrency marketplace, beginning and intermediate traders look to experienced crypto experts to learn the ropes of this unique marketplace. Unique to cryptocurrency, investors lose nothing as long as they hold onto their coins, so one key to making money in cryptocurrency is knowing exactly when to sell. On his upbeat channel, Temilade Shonibare shares the results of his skillful analysis of thousands of available cryptocurrencies that have led to multiple 5-figure gains for his many students.
Calvin Fraser
If you are one of the many people who are in the dark when it comes to crypto currency trading, Calvin Fraser is here to lead you to bright opportunities that can really make your investments pay off. He has been trading in the wide-ranging crypto market for four years, showing others ways to achieve annual returns in the 5-6 figure range. As a crypto market strategist, Calvin looks for partners who have connections to massive amounts of crypto currency; then his technical analysis kicks in, identifying ideal buy/sell opportunities. Calvin’s channel is the right training spot for traders of all experience levels who are looking to add the crypto currency market to their investment portfolio.