In the war of gladiators, strategy is key! Neo the Legend provides you that flexibility to create short-term growth while maintaining a consistent, long-term Forex strategy! Beginner to Advanced (depending on investment levels).

About the Neo Crew

Fernando, Robb and Nikk developer of NEO, hosts live calls each week on AP LIVE. He will share in depth training on the settings, software management strategies, adjustments for market volatility, and risk management. These interactive video screen share calls will have opportunity for Q & A as well. This will help better prepare for your upcoming week of trading!


  • Specializes in long term profits & not short term candles.

  • Has 2 trading modes & a wide range of risk options to set your portfolio according to almost any risk level.

  • Saves Time: you will trade in a specific 2 hour window each day.

  • Constantly adapts to the market conditions, changing the management strategy depending on a wide variety of factors.

  • Offers choice: your optimal trading can be on LEVERAGE as low as 1:30.

  • Accepts low starting balance: you can started with only US$500.

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Fernando Borea
Chief Developer/Dynamic Coder

With solid experience as a Market Analyst and Quant Developer, Fernando's strong data science proficiency in the design, implementation and deployment of trading strategies served him well as he completed 100+ trading automation projects for individuals and huge companies around the world prior to developing NEO.
Nikk Legend
Expert Trader
At 21, Nikk Legend witnessed a fellow Cornell University student make $300 in an hour trading on the Forex market. Intrigued, he left college and studied the market, becoming proficient enough to found his own company, providing Forex trading mentorships. After building the company with high-profile market influencers, he sold his interest to focus on algorithmic trading, which led him to NEO, software that he says will propel trading to levels as yet unknown.
Robert McDonell
Trading Algorithm Strategist
With over a decade as a full-time trader and market analyst, Robert’s extensive experience bridges the gap between the theoretical and the practical. An important specialty of Robert’s algorithms currently used around the world is their design to produce the best outcome under LIVE trading conditions, just perfect for Neo.