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as most important for their QUALITY OF LIFE.

Our Mission

To provide an online SOURCE that helps people DESIGN, BUILD and PROTECT their wealth.

Our Vision

A world where ALL PEOPLE can PROSPER,
achieving the lifestyle they desire.

At Auvoria Prime, we are dedicated to changing lives. We know that building your legacy goes far beyond your personal success.
We are honored to help you & people around the world to achieve their personal goals.

The Foundation of Auvoria Prime


Believing the Golden Rule is the Right Way. We treat everyone we encounter with appreciation, respect, value and professionalism – just as we would want to be treated.


While elevated professionalism is a corporate value, we also hold that maintaining balance elevates all qualities of life: health, work/home life, finances, relationship and peace of mind.


We empower people to take control of their lives by providing state-of-the-art research, tools and education and by welcoming a culture of community that values participation.


Everyone deserves to be healthy – physically, mentality and financially. We want to help every individual we encounter to lead a most vital life.


Since we are passionate about synergy, we work very closely with our field Leaders, Affiliates, Customers, Vendors and Staff, involving them in the decision making process to enhance the culture and direction of the company.


We believe in giving back. We partner with and support benevolent organizations to help them to touch more lives, making the world better place.

How We Select Our Educators

Dozens of educators & developers approach Auvoria Prime, but only a select few make it into our Marketplace
All of our Educators & Developers have proven that what they offer Auvoria Prime members is based on their track records of positive results.

Auvoria Prime - Success Stories

What Will Your Success Look Like?

Auvorio Prime has helped thousands of individuals get financially healthy. Now its your turn.

Al Mitman
Al’s initial career choice and dream was as a commercial airline pilot. That incredible career spanned 25 years (1983-2008). Upon retirement, Al turned attention to the markets. With 13+ years of market trading experience, Al believes trading is like sitting on a 3-legged stool. It requires technical knowledge, money management, and mental discipline. Without all 3 facets, you’ll simply fall off the stool. He can help you devise a strategic plan that hits on all three of these elements. In addition, Al will guide you towards fulfilling your “Why” as a successful trader by removing emotion from your trade decisions and minimizing the learning curve. He is truly a full-time trader with a heart to mentor others.
“At the start, you were an unknown commodity to me - but working with you shows your expertise and true desire to help others succeed. You’ve introduced me to new ways of trading which allows me to trade despite my very limited time. There’s also a great support system. If you need help, there's always a bunch of people ready to jump in and answer questions or walk you through your issues.” - Adam S.
Strategies: Primarily Scalping / Day trading using price action.
Unique Highlights: Perfect for those that want a full and true technical analysis education. In depth look at candle formations and structures. Understanding the psychology behind trading.
Brian White
Brian’s career path has taken him in a number of directions over the years. Out of college, Brian began working in the banking industry. As his experience grew, he stepped out into the financial planning arena and held Series 7, 6, and 63 licenses. However, a very rare opportunity was presented and he made a huge change. For nearly 20 years, Brian used his business and entrepreneurial spirit in leading a touring band. While never discontinuing his connection to the markets personally, once he decided to come off the road, he stepped into a more active role in both elementary education and back into the markets. Brian’s expertise lies in his coaching and mentorship abilities, especially for those who need to boost their confidence, exercise accountability, and require guidance on how to achieve their targets. He continues to choose to be a “part-time” trader, so he really identifies with those with limited time to trade.
“Brian has been an honest resource helping me hone my trading skills. The open feedback from everyone on successes and failures provides peace of mind and helps me persevere. The 1 on 1 coaching and personal touch is what sets this company apart from rest.” - David S.
Strategies: Primarily Swing & Wealth Bucket style of trading using price action.
Unique Highlights: Current swing strategy is a perfect fit for those with little time. 15 minutes to 30 minutes a week to manage and set trades. Set and pretty much forget. Key elements: Speculative Sentiment Index (SSI), Atlas, and Sherlock tools (no lagging indicators)
Calvin Fraser
If you are one of the many people who are in the dark when it comes to crypto currency trading, Calvin Fraser is here to lead you to bright opportunities that can really make your investments pay off. He has been trading in the wide-ranging crypto market for four years, showing others ways to achieve annual returns in the 5-6 figure range. As a crypto market strategist, Calvin looks for partners who have connections to massive amounts of crypto currency; then his technical analysis kicks in, identifying ideal buy/sell opportunities. Calvin’s channel is the right training spot for traders of all experience levels who are looking to add the crypto currency market to their investment portfolio.
Dr. Chris Cole
Chris Cole
Dr. Chris Cole is a global entrepreneur from Augusta, GA. He is an owner of eleven enterprises (and counting), doing business as the Founder of the Wealth Standard Exchange. With dual undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Business-Finance and a Ph.D in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, Chris Cole’s extensive financial and trading expertise has made him a seven-figure trader and cryptocurrency millionaire, enjoying a lifestyle of wealth and abundance. Dr. Cole has taught hundreds of professional traders how to mitigate risk and become consistent winners in the stock market, a talent that has led Futures and Truth Magazine to name him one of the top retail traders in the world, an accolade echoed in features on CBS, FOX, Dash Radio, iHeart Radio, NBC, ABC and other mass-media outlets. Throughout his 13-year career, Dr. Cole has shared his knowledge with students via The Wealth Standard, The BWO, and The Junior Wealth Academy, and has also been a keynote speaker for financial literacy around the world. While his expertise has made him a highly successful investor, he has also been a catalyst in philanthropic endeavors, A generous advocate, Dr. Cole believes in giving back, pouring into the youth of our future as he does as Founder/CEO of the Y.O.U.R Junior Golf Foundation, where he uses the game of golf to engage youth in wealth-building opportunities. He has also been a motivational speaker at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NCA&T), one of the largest HBCU’s in the Nation. In his iconic 1% Trade Room, Dr. Chris Cole lives by the trader's creed, consistently striving to educate and structure a disciplined mindset for himself and every student. te irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.
Dasan Costandi - Developer Veribull
Dasan Costandi
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Donta Lewis
At 23, Donta broke out of a rocky past when he discovered Forex trading and network marketing, starting the iMPACT community where he became a 6-figure trader & networker in 2 years. With two other 6-figure earners now in iMPACT, Donta’s goal is to help 100 more to create million-dollar incomes.
Dominik Plevnik
Dominik Plevnik
From his home in Slovenia, Dominik serves as the Educator for FLASH, the newest EA to join the Auvoria Prime Marketplace inventory. He enjoyed a successful career in door-to-door sales and sales management prior to his decision five years ago to look into network marketing and its promise of residual income. He soon discovered that Forex trading provided a network marketing opportunity, but he learned early on that navigating the Forex marketplace was a very complicated – and often unsuccessful — venture; so he set out to find the best software product to help traders like himself to build wealth. It was then that two of Dominik’s former sales colleagues approached him with FLASH, the EA they developed to make Forex trading easy & accessible for anyone. Dominik brought FLASH to Auvoria Prime and – as they say – “The rest is history.”
Dominik will provide AP LIVE training and coaching on FLASH each week, where he will share his three-point advice to traders: Get excited about FLASH. Stay conservative, enjoying slow and sure gains. And ENJOY THE RIDE!
Eva Ragona
With an educational background in Office Information Administrator with focused courses in Psychology, Income Tax, Human Resources & Law. Majority of Eva’s career has been in the accounting field. I’ve held positions in credit management, import/export tariff and tax requirements, customs law adherence and bookkeeping. Eva also has experience as a logistics investigator within the accounting department. With that investigative and numbers background, Eva decided to opt for early retirement and focus solely on being a full time trader. Eva’s experience in the markets began about 3 years ago as she began to analyze the equities market. After taking some educational courses, she began to expand her market experience by moving into the Forex space. Through that experience she met AL and Brian back in 2019, and you can say the rest is history.
Strategies: Scalping / Day trading Indices, Forex, and Gold Unique Highlights: Brings an incredible female perspective on trading, and she definitely helps keep the guys in line. Stylistically, Eva brings a different mix of technical analysis and trading strategies.
Fernando Borea
Chief Developer/Dynamic Coder

With solid experience as a Market Analyst and Quant Developer, Fernando's strong data science proficiency in the design, implementation and deployment of trading strategies served him well as he completed 100+ trading automation projects for individuals and huge companies around the world prior to developing NEO.
Jason Stewart
Beginners, intermediate and advanced traders benefit from TWO sessions weekly with this unique, unconventional approach that can make the market work for greater returns. Each Sunday Jason shares his strategy for that week’s top-down analysis designed to catch larger moves, to trade structure and maintain his orders using sub fibs. On Wednesday, he reviews this strategy, always looking for tight stops and great risk-to-reward ratios. Throughout, Jason employs a “video game” attitude that helps traders use a cleaner approach to the market that facilitates their transition to a more lucrative swing style trading.
Jackie Pineda
With a background in software testing and experience in AIRO beta testing, Jackie likes to apply her “learn, absorb and make strategies work” approach to trading. She has a down-to-earth training style that puts often complex concepts into layman’s terms.
Nathan Williams
The developer of AIRO, software featuring the innovative BAG indicator program, Nate has also hosted AIRO’s popular LIVE online training. Nate will demonstrate the versatility of the AIRO Indicator, which has applications for trading with multiple financial assets.
Nikk Legend
Expert Trader
At 21, Nikk Legend witnessed a fellow Cornell University student make $300 in an hour trading on the Forex market. Intrigued, he left college and studied the market, becoming proficient enough to found his own company, providing Forex trading mentorships. After building the company with high-profile market influencers, he sold his interest to focus on algorithmic trading, which led him to NEO, software that he says will propel trading to levels as yet unknown.
Pierre Tilus
After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology Management from the Haiti Higher School of Infotronics, Pierre’s career path has led him into an IT position with a property insurance company in the United States. This career environment has developed and sharpened his abilities in analytical analysis. During the past 8 plus years, Pierre has taken this incredible experience and employed them successfully within the markets. Pierre is no stranger to mentoring or coaching traders. As a long time friend to both AL and Brian, Pierre was asked and has been managing a futures and forex room for them with BK2 Trading over the last few years. He brings an incredible and unique viewpoint and great value to the Hawkeye team.
Robert McDonell
Trading Algorithm Strategist
With over a decade as a full-time trader and market analyst, Robert’s extensive experience bridges the gap between the theoretical and the practical. An important specialty of Robert’s algorithms currently used around the world is their design to produce the best outcome under LIVE trading conditions, just perfect for Neo.
Temilade Shonibare
As inflation continues to increase worldwide, there is no better time to look into alternative investments like cryptocurrency. However, with thousands of cryptos in the cryptocurrency marketplace, beginning and intermediate traders look to experienced crypto experts to learn the ropes of this unique marketplace. Unique to cryptocurrency, investors lose nothing as long as they hold onto their coins, so one key to making money in cryptocurrency is knowing exactly when to sell. On his upbeat channel, Temilade Shonibare shares the results of his skillful analysis of thousands of available cryptocurrencies that have led to multiple 5-figure gains for his many students.
Chris Simonian
Chris is a seasoned Direct Sales leader who has built a successful career in Sales Development and Business Expansion. Chris began his direct selling career at the age of 18. By age 22, he helmed a successful full-time organization, which spanned three continents. In the early nineties, Chris worked with the late Mark Hughes at Herbalife®, to help expand their product line and enhance their compensation plan resulting in a growth of over $100 million. Chris later teamed up with Beachbody®, to establish Team Beachbody®, where he implemented one of the most successful customer acquisition programs in the industry, designed the compensation plan, created the recognition and incentive programs, and guided Team Beachbody to approximately $400 million in sales in just six years. Chris was most recently with SeneGence® International, where he led their International growth strategies building out a corporate Sales team in four countries, grew the Customer Service department to over 80 reps, supervised and grew Recognition and Events, opened three new countries and implemented training, tech, and social media programs resulting in high triple digit growth. During his 30-year career, Chris has helped numerous people improve their health and financial independence. He has built successful sales organizations in over forty (40) countries through the collaborative development of unique products and services combined with the implementation of highly effective sales, recruiting and training methods, and innovative compensation plans. Chris' proven track record, coupled with his solid motivational and leadership skills, has positioned him as one of the top leaders in the Direct Sales industry.


Chris received a Master of Business Administration degree and a Masters of International Management (MIM) degree from The American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird), with a focus on International Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
Bill Wynne
When Bill Wynne came to Auvoria Prime, his life’s two career passions -- computers and Network Marketing -- merged into one, with a single goal: to help people around the world to use software to build and manage their wealth. Bill sees Auvoria Prime as a company making the right decisions to enhance the lives of thousands and even millions. He is dedicated to maintaining a firm, stable, and empowering experience for AP Affiliates and Customers.
Kareem Maradona
Kareem Maradona
Kareem has been part of the Auvoria Prime Management Team since the company’s first days, providing the benefit of his wealth of experience in computer science and the development of web applications. A native of Egypt, Kareem holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and a strong belief in the importance of QUALITY, ACCURACY, and PERFECTION on the job. He and the AP team of experienced and talented software engineers provide the AP community with the most ideal technical support and service in our industry.
Susan Bachelder
President of Global Marketing Susan Bachelder came to Auvoria Prime “because Bill and Chris are authentic, passionate about operating at a professional level and providing an opportunity for people to elevate their lifestyle – just as I am.” After building several 6-figure businesses, Susan became a sought-after marketing consultant. Working three years recently with EA software as a Forex trader, she has in-depth knowledge of the products now offered by Auvoria Prime and the best ways to promote them in the field.
Matt Ward
With his own personal experience as both a distributor and a corporate sales executive always a motivator, Matt Ward came to his position as VP/Global Sales for Auvoria Prime with a firm resolve to promote a consistently “Field-focused” approach in corporate Sales decisions. An advocate of the same highly ethical business model that Bill Wynne and Chris Simonian have established at Auvoria Prime, Matt assures Field Leaders that this company’s VP/Global Sales will be making Sales decisions with their teams top-of-mind.
Stephen Vettorel
Steve Vettorel, FINRA 65 & 66 Licensed, RIA
Steve Vettorel came to Auvoria Prime with a wealth of knowledge and experience in financial planning and wealth management.  As a widely recognized Forex trading expert and the recipient of Investopedia’s “Most Influential Advisor” award in 2017, Steve’s training, coaching and mentoring of members of the Auvoria Prime community have been indispensable components of the success of Team Leaders and their Affiliates,and Customers, all of whom agree that his presentations at Auvoria Prime events and his online training are must-see opportunities for everyone building a legacy with Auvoria Prime.
Tyler Mackechnie
After 6 years in the trading space, Tyler Machnechnie went into Expert Advisor trading in 2017 and became passionate about the industry. He analyzed dozens of Forex trading products, rejecting some approaches and selecting others – then he designed original software, at first just for his own use. He now shares his unique Gearbox strategy with others who are looking for consistent, excellent results.