Specialized onboarding assistance

Get live, interactive and secure setup guidance with our professional customer service specialists.

We’re offering to guide and help customers each step of the way when they sign up. AP Setup can be purchased for yourself or as a gift for a customer of yours. There are two options: Ap Setup and AP Setup Pro.

AP Setup

First, we give you a tour of your dashboard, help desk, and AP Share, and then we point you to our resources and your personal information, referral link, and support.

Then with AP Setup, we start with creating a broker account. We can not legally recommend a broker, so it’s good if the sponsor recommends a broker to their customer. If not, we give the customer a choice of multiple brokers. Then we help them create the broker account and fund it, through any type of deposit (direct deposit, crypto). After we’re done creating a broker account, we help you choose your product in the marketplace and set up your VPS. This includes launching the VPS and the software (not setting up your software) and setting up RDC and MT4 on your phone. After this is done, we will guide you to our resources at the help desk.

AP Setup Pro

For an extra $20, we show you the events calendar and add you to communication channels and groups, and you’re also introduced to AP LIVE rooms. You may only choose the $20 if you already have a broker set up and only need help setting up the software.

AP Setup takes around 2 hours, and AP Setup Pro takes an additional 20 minutes.

ap setup

Basic guided onboarding intro and tour



ap setup pro

All-inclusive guided onboarding intro and tour



AP platform tour
Broker setup and funding guidance
VPS access, broker login, and RDP on the computer
MT4/MT5 phone setup and login
AP GO app setup
AP support tour
Software setup guidance
Connect to communication channels
AP LIVE tour
Day Trading

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ap go mobile app

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