How Does Auvoria Prime Stay Compliant?

Auvoria Prime is committed to remaining in good regulatory standing. To that end, Auvoria Prime provides company transparency.

Our Customers are the Foundation of Our Success…

The customer-to-affiliate ratio is 94% as of October 2022.

The average lifespan of an affiliate or customer in Auvoria Prime is 3 months.

The Income Disclosure Statement (IDS)…

We guide affiliates to remain compliant by providing the IDS titled “What You Should Know About The Auvoria Prime Legacy Rewards Plan.” The IDS provides transparency and thus protects the company, our affiliates, and future affiliates.

The IDS statement makes it easy to access important information the prospective affiliate needs to make an informed decision to become an affiliate. It includes clear, comprehensive information about typical earnings and other pertinent information to a potential affiliate.

This link to the IDS MUST be included on your social media posts, and the IDS is required when posting the following:

  • Income claims.  ALL expressed and implied claims.
  • Cars, homes, and vacations pictures or “lifestyle pictures or claims.”
  • Statements in regards to any of the list above

Affiliates Must Use the Proper Disclaimers…

The regulatory requirements are that our affiliates will use the proper disclaimers when representing Auvoria Prime. Different disclaimers are used in Auvoria prime, so we have developed a Disclaimer Folder to make it easier for our affiliates to access the proper creatives and instructions on using disclaimers.

Affiliates Must Use the Marketing Policies and Compliance Guidelines…

Our Compliance team has assembled the “Marketing Policies and Compliance Guidelines” that every affiliate must review before representing Auvoria Prime in the marketplace.  This document extracts key sections of the official Auvoria Prime Policies & Procedures.

Fully Automated Trading Software….

Auvoria Prime has developed Manual Alert Verification (MAV). This is a technology in which the user must approve each trade idea from an Expert Advisor (EA) before the trade is entered into the market. This was designed so that users would keep full control of trade idea entries.

Residents of countries that forbid using fully automated trading software must use the MAV version of Expert Advisors.

For more information, contact: [email protected]