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Change Placement Request Form Received

Submission Successful Thank you for submitting your placement or sponsor change request. Requests are accepted and reviewed between: Sundays at 00:00 am EST and Tuesdays at 5:00 pm EST. If your request was submitted outside of the above timeline, it will go into a queue for next week. If it does not meet our guidelines … Continued

Change Placement Request Form

Submit a Change of Placement or Sponsor Placement Change Rules Placement Change requests may only be made by the enrolling sponsor. Placement Change Requests may not be made for people who enrolled during a week that is closed and verified for commission purposes. Placement Change requests may not be made for people who have more … Continued

Report Non-Compliance Materials

Report Non-Compliant Materials It is important that all materials that are not compliant with Auvoria Prime’s Terms and Conditions or any other specified policies are reported to the compliance department so they can be dealt with expeditiously. Do not think of reporting non-compliant materials as tattle-telling. A person that chooses to go outside of compliance … Continued